Sam’s Corner 1

One of my favorite things to do is play with all the great kids at the Black Belt Academy.

The part that’s always funny is when the kids play with me and try to boss me around. They throw the Kong for me, but when I get it, they try to get it back by yelling “Sam! Drop it!”

I always love that part because they want me to them, even saying it like my Daddy does. But, I never listen because none of those kids are my boss.

When my Daddy says “Drop it” I drop it, because he’s the boss! But when the kids say it, it don’t have to listen! (and then I trot around the floor making the kids chase me and play tug-of-war for it!)

I think more people need to be like me. When someone calls you a name, gets mad at you, or yells at you in traffic, do you bother to listen and get angry?

Unless that person is your Daddy, just smile, because you don’t have to listen…and then come to the academy and play with me and my Kong! That’s my favorite!

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