Do It! (and you’ll be motivated)

A Secret of the Martial Arts

Recently a Planet Fitness opened up in our plaza and their parking lot has been packed with cars at all hours of the day.

But every time I see their lot I can’t help but wonder how many of those people will be working out in a month or two.

As many of you know, people often get started on a workout program but don’t see it through for very long. So this month I wanted to share a secret with you, and it’s one that affects not only your fitness routines, but just about your whole life!

Many people are in awe of what martial artists are capable of. One of the reasons for this is what is called the mind-body connection. People talk about how martial artists are so disciplined that they can use their minds to accomplish amazing things with their body (as evidenced through their agility, flexibility, and discipline) and there’s even a hint of mysticism perpetuated by movies and TV.

More recently, mental health specialists are pointing out the mind-body connection by demonstrating that a person’s emotional well being can have a great impact on their physical health.

Getting back to the topic of working out.

One of the reasons so many people drop out of their workout programs is they only workout when they’re motivated. They recognize that their mind can jump-start their body to work, but they can’t always find the mental motivation to do it. Because let’s face it, motivation can wear off. Certainly there are ways to prolong it, but it happens.

The same thing applies to our to-do lists, our work, and the projects we’ve been talking about doing for months or even years! But there’s one part of this mind-body connection that very few people recognize, and it’s a secret I’m going to share with you.

The mind-body connection is a closed loop! Yes, certainly your mind can generate the motivation to get you to workout, or train karate, or write a book, or whatever. But it works the other way too.

If you don’t feel like doing something, do it anyway!

The body, in working to do a thing, can jump-start the mind to motivation. You’ve probably already experienced it. You didn’t feel like doing a thing, but you got started anyway, and suddenly you’re on a roll!

People who work on their projects only when they’re motivated very rarely finish them.

So go out and use this fantastic martial arts power. Whatever it is you want to accomplish. Don’t do it only when you’re motivated, DO IT and you’ll be motivated!

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