Vacation Safety

Take These Precautions for a Worry-Free Vacation

You don’t want to spend your vacation worrying about possible problems at home or on the road. Still, catastrophes can strike at any time. 
The secret to surviving them is preparation. While planning your vacation, put these items on your to-do list:

• Health insurance. Double-check your policy, so you know what to do if you or a family member needs medical care while you’re out of town.

• Homeowners policy. Look over the provisions for replacement of property in case of a theft or fire while you’re away.

• Documents. Make sure all your important papers, such as your will, your durable powers of attorney for health and finances, and your life insurance policy are stored in a safe-deposit box and that each trustee has a copy.

• Auto insurance. Review your policy to see if it covers you in the event of an accident when you’re driving a rental car. This will help you determine ahead of time whether you’re going to need the rental agency’s liability waiver.

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