Sam’s Corner 2

Many people wonder how I’m such a confident little dog.

Sam 2

I’ll jump off docks, meet new people happily, and even when sportsmen and police shoot guns it doesn’t scare me! (In fact last year I took a vacation to a police firearms training center, that was my favorite!)

But I didn’t get my confidence all at once.

I learned confidence by facing my fears just a little bit at a time. When I was little my daddy used to take me to new places all the time. He wanted to help me build my confidence by trying new things.

I remember the first time I walked on a dock, that was kinda scary! Slowly I got confidence with little fears and was able to start facing bigger fears.

Eventually I developed big confidence!

So if you want lots of confidence, don’t worry about facing your biggest fears right away, try facing little fears first.

It gets easier! … Except for the monster known as “Vacuum”, that scares the heck out of me. It can eat and yell at the same time!



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