We Are Going To Screw Up

Here at the Black Belt Academy we have a fantastic group of students, families, and instructors.

But despite the excellent team of people we have here, I know with absolute certainty that we are going to screw something up on occasion.

It’s certainly not something I’m proud of! But it is something that I occasionally see happen despite the best efforts of everyone involved.

That being said, I’m not worried. One of the things I have learned in the 17 years we’ve been working with kids and families is that the best students and most loyal families we have are not those who have had absolute flawless customer service, although that is our goal.

Our most loyal people are often those who experienced one of our mistakes or shortcomings, and told us! People who give us a chance to fix our mistakes not only give us the opportunity to learn from what’s happened, they’ve allowed us to fix things and show them our very best!

For example recently we’ve had some growing pains that we’ve had to deal with. Our Basic class has grown significantly in the last year, requiring us to hire more assistants! Because our retention level is so high, our intermediate class is now growing as well, and we need still more assistants! Recently we saw in the kids weapons class, that we needed.. Guess what? More assistants!

We also recently started writing most of the content in our newsletters and mailing them to more people. We love that it has allowed us to be more personal with our students, but it has also made it more time consuming and required the use of professional printers! (Hence the reason May’s newsletter got out so late!)

So if you’ve noticed some of our growing pains, or mistakes of any kind, thank you! Thank you for giving us the time to work on them. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to learn and get better.

And if you haven’t noticed anything of the sort, great! We so love what we do, and we’re trying hard to improve things before they become problems or challenges. But in the future, when we screw up, please let us know. We so desperately want to be of service to you, your family, and do the absolute best of our ability to help the student in your family.

Thank you for giving us that opportunity every day, it means a lot to us.

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