Sam Corner 3

When I was 9 weeks old my Daddy brought me to the karate school and ever since that time I’ve been around lots people every day. 

After 35 years of being at the karate school, I’ve learned something about people.  

You worry too much! People worry about the future, then they worry about the past, then they worry about things they can’t control, they worry about things that probably won’t ever happen, and they worry about what others think. That’s too much worry!

If you want to think ahead, and save up some water and some money to buy dog food and chew toys in an emergency, fine. But don’t spend all of your time worrying. It doesn’t help you, in fact it can make you sick!

So stop worrying. And if you want help getting rid of worry, you should come to the karate school and rub my belly, we’ll both feel better.

Sam 8^--- this is me when I was little!

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