Keep Your Children Safe


The home can be a dangerous place, especially for young children. Most household accidents are avoidable, though, with some commonsense precautions. Safe Kids Worldwide, a global organization providing safety information aimed at preventing accidents and injuries to children, shares these tips for keeping your family healthy and safe:

Bathroom. Don’t leave children alone in the bath, or anywhere near water.

Hallways. Install smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, and check their batteries at least every six months to ensure they’re working properly.

Bedrooms. At bedtime and naptime, remove any blankets, pillows, stuffed animals, and toys from your baby’s crib to prevent accidental suffocation. Make sure your baby sleeps alone and on his or her back.

Staircases. Put up safety gates to keep children from tumbling down staircases. Install similar gates for every window a child might reach.

Medicine chest. Store all medicine in cabinets above the reach of children, and lock cabinets they might get into. Keep track of any medication you might carry in your purse or briefcase.

Living room. Install brackets and braces to secure bookshelves and other furniture against accidental tipping. Secure television sets to the wall or place them on low platforms.

Kitchen. Use the back burner of your stove when cooking with children present. Turn pots and pans so that their handles face away from the edge, out of reach from tiny hands. Store household cleaners in high cabinets and shelves, or lock lower cabinets to keep children out.

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