Sam’s Corner 5

Sam 730 years ago, or so.. When I was a puppy, my daddy used to get me chew toys to play with. My favorite thing to do was to tear them to pieces! (My daddy didn’t mind because I was careful to leave his shoes alone.) 

After destroying my 4th Kong chew toy my daddy got me something very special, the Extreme Kong! The Extreme Kong was black and very tough, I chewed on it for 6 months and never made a scratch. I knew I would never destroy that one!  

But then one day something magical happened. I was chewing my Extreme Kong and a piece broke off! 

Suddenly I knew I could destroy it. 

After that my Extreme Kong only lasted a few months. My daddy got me another one and that one only lasted two months. My next one only made it one month! 

Once I really knew I could destroy my Extreme Kong it didn’t take me long to do it. I think people are like that too. Before you can do something, you really need to believe you can. 

My  daddy has since gotten me the biggest toughest Kong in the world!... and recently, a piece broke off.

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