Sam’s Corner 6

My daddy sometimes jokes that I have more friends than he does. (It is true that I get invited to more sleep-overs  than he does!) People sometimes seem surprised that I make lots of friends wherever I go. But I think it’s simple. I’m friendly everywhere I go!

Sam 2
I don’t understand people who complain about others not being friendly. If you are friendly first, most people are friendly right back. Yes, sometimes people have made up their minds to be mad, and they will be mad at anyone. But dogs aren’t like that, and most people aren’t like either!

So this Holiday Season, decide to be friendly first, and let people be friendly back! And if you run into one of those people who have determined to be mad at everyone, don’t let it bother you. Give them a dog treat, that might make them feel better. Except for that one Weimaraner that hangs out at Ft. Meigs, he’s a meanie!

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