Stay Healthy When You Travel

Can your hotel room make you sick? Whether you’re on vacation or traveling for work, you don’t want your accommodations to create health issues. Try these tips to stay healthy wherever you crash:

• Get a smoke-free room. Avoid exposure to leftover smoke and nicotine by requesting a smoke-free floor when you make your reservations, or at least a non-smoking room.

• Resist the minibar. Decline a minibar key when you check in. You’ll be free of temptation to indulge in unhealthy (and expensive) drinks and snacks.

• Ditch the bed cover. Bed covers can be hiding places for bugs and other pests. Store it in a dresser or a corner of your room before going to bed.

• Bring your own disinfectant. Wipe down the phone, TV remote, and other devices with an antibacterial spray or wipe before using them to get rid of any harmful bacteria and germs from previous guests.

• Use fresh cups. Don’t drink from reusable glasses and cups. Stick with your own water bottle, or plastic disposable cups wrapped in plastic.

• Pack your own snacks. You won’t want to raid the minibar or visit the vending machines if you bring your own snacks with you. Dried fruit, trail mix, and other nutritious options will help you avoid overindulgence in your room and when you eat out.

• Exercise. Take some time out to stretch, run in place, or do some simple aerobics or yoga.

• Check the exits. Make sure you and your family (or fellow business travelers) know how to get out of the hotel quickly in the event of a fire or other emergency.

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