Sam’s Corner 16

Now that I’m approaching my 50th birthday, some may be thinking I’m becoming an “old dog” but I don’t think growing older means you can’t learn a new trick or two! Recently my daddy started playing new games with me. I had to wear a funny vest. I had to sit by his legs for

Protecting Kids from Hidden Perils

Even in homes that are very safety conscious, there can be potentially serious perils for kids hiding in plain sight. The great majority of parents are aware of the need to keep electrical outlets covered, ensure the baby gates on the stairs are secure, and lock up kitchen cabinets, but some other hazards can be

Misc. Fun Stories

  Making the Bed South African leader Nelson Mandela was known for many things, not the least of which was his humility even after he became famous around the world. Mandela always made his own bed, no matter where he traveled. One time, he was visiting Shanghai, where he stayed in a very fancy hotel.

Sam’s Corner 15

It’s important to be nice to people. Not only are people nice back, it’s more fun! That’s one thing that I think dogs are better at than people. Dogs like pretty much everybody. It’s not like that with most people. But being nice helps in other ways too! Recently my daddy wanted to rent a

Questions Answers #4

The questions and comments below were submitted to our “Questions & Suggestions” box or sent via e-mail. Have a question? Let us know! All questions will be answered in person or in the newsletter. When did the academy start? ~ Alex Wozny Although Mr. Penny started teaching in January of 1994, he actually opened his

Go for the Quick Laugh

Jokes don’t have to be longwinded. Try these one-liners out on your friends: • I sold my vacuum cleaner—all it was doing was gathering dust. • I give all my dead batteries away—free of charge. • I hate elevators, so I take steps to avoid them. • I know a man who drinks brake fluid.

Jumping to Conclusions

A priest was riding the subway when a drunken man sat down beside him. The man smelled of beer, his shirt was dirty, and he had a prominent hickey on his neck. The drunk opened a newspaper and began reading. After a few minutes, he turned and whispered to the priest, “Say, father, do you

Fun Tips for Family Life

All parents want to make sure their kids get the best possible start in life, and the good news is there are a number of fun, effective and easy activities that can be done to help children stimulate their brain growth and to build attachments. Music can play an important role in the intellectual, emotional