Follow These Basic Tips for Safe Driving

Whether you drive for your job or just commute to and from work every day, your safety on the road is important professionally and personally. Remember these basic tips to avoid an accident:

• Drive defensively. Don’t assume other drivers are as cautious as you are. Stay alert to everyone and everything around you on the road.

• Remain calm. If you’re having a rough day, try to defuse your stress before getting into your vehicle. While driving, focus on proceeding responsibly.

• Stick to the speed limit. Give yourself enough time to reach your destination legally. If you’re running late, remember that getting a ticket—or getting into an accident—will only make things worse.

• Limit distractions. You already know not to text or talk on your phone while driving (right?). Pay attention to your driving, not to passengers, the radio, or anything else that may split your concentration.

• Watch for pedestrians. Pedestrians (and bike riders) can appear unexpectedly anywhere on the street. Keep your eyes open and be prepared to stop or swerve when necessary.

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