Sam’s Corner 8

Dogs have many great qualities. But there is one that is my favorite, enthusiasm! Dogs are pretty much always excited. When we see you, we’re excited! When we go outside, we’re excited! When we get to go on a trip, we’re excited about it! When I get to see my daddy after 10 minutes away

Cold Weather Dangers to Watch For

Winter is far from over, and that means staying safe in cold weather is still important. Remember these tips for getting by until spring: • Frostbite. Frostbite can occur in a short amount of time, especially with children. They can lose body heat quickly, sometimes in as little as 20 minutes. Dress kids warmly, but

Questions and Answers #1

The questions and comments below were submitted to our “Questions & Suggestions” box or sent via e-mail. Have a question? Let us know! All questions will be answered in person, in the newsletter, or in our Blog! How many degrees of Black Belt are there? Each style has it own standard. Most styles have 8-10

Empowering Yourself after a Fall

At some point in our lives, everyone suffers a fall and ends up feeling like nothing is going their way anymore. The key is to know how to respond to such a scenario and how to empower yourself and get the inspiration you need to carry on and move on. One good tip is to