Sam’s Corner 8

Dogs have many great qualities. 

But there is one that is my favorite, enthusiasm! Dogs are pretty much always excited. When we see you, we’re excited! When we go outside, we’re excited! When we get to go on a trip, we’re excited about it! When I get to see my daddy after 10 minutes away from him, I’m excited!

Sam 3
        ^---- ME! As usual...EXCITED!
Yes, sometimes I have to do things I’m not excited about… like taking a bath. But most times I am excited. I think that is one of the reasons that people love dogs (who can blame them?), dogs are almost always excited.

People seem to like others who are excited about what they’re doing, and where they’re going too. Do people get excited when you show up, or do they tuck their tails and walk away?  If they walk away, you may want to try showing a little more enthusiasm, it makes everything better.

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