Safe Traveling With Your Digital Identity

With security breaches becoming a common occurrence, more and more people are interested in finding ways of protecting their security and privacy online. Travelling is something that presents a wide array of physical and digital security concerns, as it is more than just a wallet that can be stolen these days – it is your entire online identity. The good news is there are ways of staying safe and secure even during travel.

One good piece of advice is to avoid making use of Bluetooth. Bluetooth can make you vulnerable to hackers while you are on the move, as when you rent a vehicle they can see your previous network connections, copy them, and trick your device into connecting with their own such devices. If you do use Bluetooth, avoid having it on all of the time and make sure you have wiped your history prior to taking the rental vehicle back.

It is also a good idea to purchase a local SIM card or make use of a disposable phone when travelling to make it more difficult for would-be thieves who may be monitoring your data.

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