Sam’s Corner 9

I’ve spent my entire life around people, and last month I had my 42nd birthday, so I know a lot about them. One thing I see is a lot of people work really hard at their jobs. I see my daddy working all the time at the school and sometimes he leaves and works other jobs too!

I know big people have to work so they can buy things like dog food and treats (little people have more time to play with me!) But I also know it’s important for even big people to have play time. Big people don’t call it play time, and they don’t call their things toys, but they still need them. 

My daddy likes to punch and kick the bags, he likes to chase birdies with me, he also likes to chase Rachel. I like to chase birdies, play with the little people, and play with my new toy - the flying squirrel!

I don’t know what your play time is, but I know you should have it. If all you do is work, work, and work some more, it won’t be long before you’re a sad and unhappy dog. So remember to have your play time. If you can’t think of something you want to do, come play with me and my flying squirrel!

Sam 10
        ^---- Me, being a goofball and having fun.

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