Sam’s Corner 10

Did you know that dogs are the best “friend makers” in the world? It’s true! We are just about the only animals that don’t have to work for a living. Chickens have to lay eggs, cows have to produce milk, but dogs merely have to be a best friend! 

Do you want to know how we do it? It’s really simple!

We treat the people in our lives like they are the most important person in the world.

Think about it. If you’ve been gone all day at work, and you come home to your dog, how do they respond to you? 

At the academy, have you seen what I do when my daddy walks in the building? 

Sam 3

You can treat people that way too! I wouldn’t recommend licking the face of the people you meet, but you can at least say a friendly “hello!” And you can still show people that you are interested in them, and be friendly and enthusiastic. If you do that to the people in your life, you’ll soon find more people excited to see you. Just like us dogs!

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