Sam’s Corner 11

Sam 6

Did you know that some people think dogs have really short memories? I’m gonna tell you a doggie secret. It’s not true.

Sure, if your doggie goes to the bathroom inside the house, you need to let them know right away that it’s wrong. Otherwise your doggie doesn’t realize why you are correcting them. But think about it, do you remember the last time you went to the bathroom? It’s not important enough to remember!

Most think doggies have short memories because we seem to like everyone, even people who are mean. But the truth is that dogs think the best of everyone. We always look for the good things in others. If someone treats us badly, we don’t forget, we just try to think of the best things about that person instead. 

You should try it sometime. You don’t have to forget when someone is mean to you, just don’t dwell on it all the time. Look for the good things in others and you just may be happier, like me! The exception is cats… I can’t find anything good about cats.

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