Teach Children This Important Skill

We cover many excellent Life Skills here at the academy with our kids (Confidence, Focus, Self-Discipline). Here’s one you can do at home!

Problem solving is a skill that’s valuable throughout your children’s lives, from school to their adult careers. You can teach your children how to tackle any problem they’re facing by sharing these steps:

• Identify the problem. This is the most important step and often the most overlooked. Your child can’t solve a problem until he or she can state what it is.

• Come up with a list of solutions. Brainstorm possible solutions, even ones that initially seem farfetched. Just keep the ideas flowing.

• Assess each idea. Now is the time to evaluate the merits of each idea, weighing the pros and cons thoroughly.

• Pick one or two ideas. Have your child pick the top two solutions and give his or her specific reasons for choosing those possible solutions.

• Put the decision into action. Before going forward, talk about possible outcomes. What are the potential obstacles? What help can you expect? How can you avoid traps?

• Evaluate and learn. How did the solution work? What changes need to be made to make it work better? What would your child try the next time?

Would you like your child to learn some of these same great skills too! Then visit us at www.jpblackbelt.com or give us a call at (419) 872-7599 and we can tell you how to get started!

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