Sam’s Corner 12

People have been noticing that I’ve lost a little weight, and asking me how I stay so slim! (Why thanks for noticing!)

The most important thing I do is eat healthy. I must admit, this is not always my decision. If it were only up to me, I would most likely be sneaking some goldfish crackers and french fries from the kids occasionally. But my daddy doesn’t let me, and he puts up signs to stop others from giving me food. Your family probably won’t put up signs, so you’ll have to eat healthy by making your own decisions. Like me, you may not always feel like eating healthy, but if you do you’ll feel better, and you’ll have more energy to do fun things! Like go swimming and chase cats, my favorite! So do your best, and don’t worry, if you sneak a few french fries, I won’t tell anyone.

Oh, and don’t forget, June 24th is “Take your dog to work” day!

Sam 7
   ^--- My Dad likes this picture, but I think I look a little heavy.


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