Sam’s Corner 24 (Preventing Dog Bites)

  Preventing Dog Bites It’s super important to learn how to be safe when around dogs, especially for little ones. I love everyone, but not all dogs are like me, so it is a good idea to teach kids how to approach and act with dogs, and the right way to treat my furry brothers.

Stay Safe during the Summer Boating Season

Summer is when a lot of people take to the lakes and rivers for recreation. Whether you’ve got a yacht or a rowboat, remember that the No. 1 rule for boating safety is this: Always use your common sense. Following good safety rules could save your life. Here are some basic guidelines from the Safe

The Water Cure

A man went to the doctor because he had no energy. After asking a few questions, the doctor wrote a series of prescriptions. “Now,” she told the patient. “I want you to take the red pill with two glasses of water in the morning, the yellow pill with two glasses of water at lunch, and

Questions and Answers #3

The questions and comments below were submitted to our “Questions & Suggestions” box or sent via e-mail. Have a question? Let us know! All questions will be answered in person or in the newsletter. Question: Did Elvis really get a black belt? Actually, yes! He trained frequently with Ed Parker, developer of American Kenpo karate.

Improvement in Childhood Obesity in U.S.

The rates of childhood obesity and overweight issues have not gone down in recent years in the United States, with severe obesity actually increasing, particularly for minority children, a new study has revealed. According to the Duke Clinical Research Institute’s lead researcher, Asheley Skinner, ten percent of all teenagers in America are now severely obese.

Disconnecting from Social Media

Social media can sometimes be a double-edged sword that offers as many drawbacks as it does benefits. Many people wanting to stay connected end up being a little too captivated by it, and social media can even become something close to an addiction when people spend too much time on it, often aimlessly and repeatedly.

Active Shooter Strategies

Recently I was interviewed by Channel 11’s Dane Sanzebacher about active shooter events, (obviously inspired by the recent Orlando tragedy.) A lot of “regular folks” have recently asked me about “what to do.” So here are the basics and what you should consider now, before such an event ever happens. RUN Statistics show that the