Improvement in Childhood Obesity in U.S.

The rates of childhood obesity and overweight issues have not gone down in recent years in the United States, with severe obesity actually increasing, particularly for minority children, a new study has revealed.

According to the Duke Clinical Research Institute’s lead researcher, Asheley Skinner, ten percent of all teenagers in America are now severely obese.

In recent years, childhood obesity has been targeted by White House initiatives and public health campaigns that emphasized making healthy choices in terms of food and the importance of staying active. However, while that may work for kids who are not obese or even mildly overweight, it seems to have had little impact on those already struggling with serious weight issues. Those children often require more intensive intervention, starting with family doctors and pediatricians.

Data from 1999 through to 2014 taken from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey saw all kinds of obesity increase in children and teenagers between the ages of two and 19, especially severe obesity. However, there is some good news with evidence suggesting that over the course of the last decade people are consuming less fast food and sugary drinks.

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