Stay Safe during the Summer Boating Season

Summer is when a lot of people take to the lakes and rivers for recreation. Whether you’ve got a yacht or a rowboat, remember that the No. 1 rule for boating safety is this: Always use your common sense. Following good safety rules could save your life. Here are some basic guidelines from the Safe Boating Council:

• Always wear your life jacket.

• Never mix alcohol and boating.

• Learn and follow the nautical rules of the road.

• Never stand in a small boat.

• Check the weather forecast before you get underway.

• Never overload your boat.

• Always keep a good lookout.

If bad weather unexpectedly occurs when you’re out on the water, follow this advice:

• Get below deck, and stay there if possible.

• Keep away from metal objects that are not grounded in the boat’s protection system.

• Do not touch more than one grounded object at a time, or you could become the shortcut for electrical surges passing through the

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