Sam’s Corner 24 (Preventing Dog Bites)


Preventing Dog Bites
It’s super important to learn how to be safe when around dogs, especially for little ones. I love everyone, but not all dogs are like me, so it is a good idea to teach kids how to approach and act with dogs, and the right way to treat my furry brothers. There are a few ways to make sure you don’t get a nasty dog bite!

If you meet someone with a dog, always ask if it is okay to pet the dog, don’t just start touching them. Some dogs can be nervous around strangers, even children, and will react badly to friendliness from someone they do not know.

You should also teach your kids to never run toward dogs. They may be coming with nothing but excitement and affection, but the dog could think it as a sign of attack and respond bite!

And although I love kids, really young kids should never be left alone with dogs, even family pets. Relationships can change over time and a nice dog can become mean and bite, especially if teased, hit, or their tails are pulled!
IMG_1075I May be a goofball, and would never bite anyone, but not all dogs are that way.

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