Sam’s Corner 14

I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend! I had lots of fun outside with my daddy and Rachel. I got to swim a whole bunch this past weekend. That’s my favorite!

I also got to see a puppy friend of mine, Charlie. Charlie is a bit crazy sometimes, but I think I was like that too when I was a puppy.

One of the things that Charlie was not very good at was swimming. He would splash around a lot but not go anywhere, and his tail would start to sink! But when Charlie watched me swim, and then went swimming with me, he got a LOT better! Pretty soon Charlie was swimming ALMOST as good as me.

So maybe if you’re trying something new, and you’re not very good at it, and you’re starting to sink, find someone else who can do it! Watch them, learn from them, and pretty soon I’ll bet you can learn to do it well too!

Now Charlie just needs to learn to share the toys, that would be great too.

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