Sam’s Corner 15

It’s important to be nice to people. Not only are people nice back, it’s more fun! That’s one thing that I think dogs are better at than people. Dogs like pretty much everybody. It’s not like that with most people.

But being nice helps in other ways too! Recently my daddy wanted to rent a farm house (so he and Rachel, my soon-to-be mommy can live together) near the school. The problem was the owner didn’t allow dogs.

Sam 4
My daddy was not happy to hear that, but he was very nice. He explained what a good doggy I am. He also explained that with my important work at the school, I don’t have time to stay home and chew up the house or make a mess on the carpets.

The owner agreed to meet me. Of course I was nice too, and I’m a cutie, so she said I could live there too. That’s good because I LOVE the farm! So be nice to people, it’s always better! My daddy said something about catching more flies with honey than vinegar, but I don’t know anything about that…I always catch ‘em with my teeth!

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