Protecting Kids from Hidden Perils

Even in homes that are very safety conscious, there can be potentially serious perils for kids hiding in plain sight. The great majority of parents are aware of the need to keep electrical outlets covered, ensure the baby gates on the stairs are secure, and lock up kitchen cabinets, but some other hazards can be less obvious.

One of those hazards is window coverings with corded coverings now being one of the top five such hidden hazards in homes in the United States, with young children and infants becoming accidentally entangled in them, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission. 

Homes with young children should only use window coverings that are either cordless or with inaccessible cords.

Other tips to guard against less obvious dangers include being aware of plants that can be dangerous when ingested such as rhododendrons, hydrangeas, purple nightshade, mistletoe, and lily of the valley. 

Additionally, ensure that large items of furniture and televisions are firmly anchored in place and cannot be tipped over.

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