Sam’s Corner 16

Now that I’m approaching my 50th birthday, some may be thinking I’m becoming an “old dog” but I don’t think growing older means you can’t learn a new trick or two!

Recently my daddy started playing new games with me. I had to wear a funny vest. I had to sit by his legs for a long time (this didn’t seem like much of a game to me, but I did it.) I had to sit on a platform. It really all seemed kinda silly to me.


But then early one morning something great happened. My daddy put my vest on me, and took me on a boat ride! I sat by his legs for a long time, and suddenly birds flew by! I sat on the platform, and got to go swimming and chasing those birds! It was all so fun! My daddy says I did a really good job, all because I was willing to learn a new trick, play a new game, and try something new.

So what’s something new that you’ve tried recently? If you haven’t tried something new, maybe you need to! You’re not an old dog yet!

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