Don’t Give Up Your Resolutions Yet!

Resolutions come easy in December, but by now, most resolutions have been forgotten, are a mess, or have been given up on entirely. No, I’m not here to make you feel bad about it! I’m here to share some of the things I personally do to try to keep myself on track (sometimes I do it well, other times… well.)

It’s all about time; prioritized and invested. You can’t achieve new goals or make desired changes without allocating time towards that end. One big reason that goals and resolutions don’t become a reality is no room is made for them in the regular schedule. If your days are already full and you resolve to spend 1/2 hour a day on the treadmill, or on a new project, that 1/2 hour has to come from somewhere. Something’s gotta give! Personally I’m trying to sleep a little bit less and use that time to get some work in at the home office.

Daily progress. Take your resolution and break it down into a timeline and to-do list for each day. Rome wasn’t built in a day and chances are your goal won’t be either. But if you give yourself daily small steps to take towards your   ultimate goal, you have the road map showing you what to do and where you can make progress on a daily basis. That daily progress also helps as a motivator too!
Build up to change. Oftentimes we get bogged down by the shear enormity of what we’re trying to accomplish. After all, it’s the big goals that are motivating and exciting enough to keep us interested! But it’s the big goals that also tend to be intimidating. Give yourself permission to not be perfect everyday, and not make great leaps all the time. With my goal of getting up earlier, I’m not necessarily trying to get up 2 hours earlier right away (after all, I love my sleep!) I can start by getting up just 15-20 minutes earlier each day. After a couple weeks I can increase that to 30 minutes earlier every morning and stick to that schedule for a couple weeks. I can build up with consistency over time to hit my goal.

It’s not too late to get re-committed! You may have already let your goals and resolutions slip. Doesn’t matter! Today, tonight, tomorrow morning at the latest, block out some time, bolt the door, silent the cell phone, and re-group. Review your resolutions. Pick two or three that mean the most, and invest the time, break them into baby-steps, and work to make small incremental daily progress.

		~Jon Penny

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