Do You Have Fat Hands?

Years ago Mr. Stanford and I had a good laugh over a comedic iPhone tech support call (a fake one.) Among other things the customer service rep was telling the customer that their phone was not functioning well because he had fat hands. Truth be told though, with all sorts of tech products today, they

Don’t Fall Prey to Road Rage

Anyone who commutes to and from work knows how easily traffic can turn into an exercise in frustration. As tempting as it is to retaliate for rude driving, don’t make a bad situation worse. Follow these safety rules: • Don’t escalate aggression. That means don’t tailgate a driver who tailgated you first or flip the

So Many Worries

A recent MBA grad interviewed for a job running a small, family-owned business. “I’m looking for someone with your skills and education who can take on all of the worries that comes with this place,” the owner said. “Worries?” the grad questioned. “Yes, worries,” the owner replied. “I worry about this and I worry about

Interesting Reads: Man’s Search for Meaning

If I ever felt inadequate to summarize a book, it’s the one I want to talk about this month. Man’s Search For Meaning is a relatively short book, generally an easy read. But it is powerful. The author Viktor Frankl was an Austrian neurologist and psychiatrist who was imprisoned in the Nazi death camps during

If you want to be safer, act like your dog.

I’ve had many people tell me about how intuitive their dog is. More times than I can count people have mentioned how their dog, from the start, never really liked a particular person, and then that person turned out to be (insert a negative adjective: criminal, predatory, abusive, a jerk, etc.) Here’s the truth, and

Lesson for April – Mr. Stanford

In April, students will be talking in-depth about the meaning of each line of the Student Creed that we recite at the beginning of each class. “I will develop myself in a positive manner, and avoid anything that reduces my mental growth or my physical health.” Just about every decision we make affects our personal