Lesson for April – Mr. Stanford

In April, students will be talking in-depth about the meaning of each line of the Student Creed that we recite at the beginning of each class.

"I will develop myself in a positive manner, and avoid anything that reduces my mental growth or my physical health." Just about every decision we make affects our personal development in some way. The goal is to make good decisions that will lead to positive development, and avoid ones that are bad for us physically or mentally.

"I will develop self-discipline in order to bring out the best in myself and others." One of the most important life skills to develop is self-discipline (which is why we talk about it so much in class!) When you are able to do things on your own without having to be reminded, you can get better at anything - school work, sports, chores, personal relationships, and of course, karate!

"I will use common sense before self-defense, and never be abusive or offensive." As students in martial arts, we learn to never be abusive, whether it is physically or mentally. It is not okay to hit people. It is not okay to bully people. In fact, most bad situations you may find yourself in can be resolved without having to fight at all, just as long as you think before you act!

"This is a Black Belt School. We are dedicated, we are motivated, we're on a quest to be our best." Although not every single student is a Black Belt, our goal is for everybody to achieve Black Belt (and yes, I honestly believe that everybody who puts in their full effort can earn a Black Belt). 

So in order to be a Black Belt, we all need to act like a Black Belt. And remember, that means acting like one at karate, home, school, and EVERYWHERE!

If you want your child to learn some of these great character traits, and they're not already a student - visit us at www.jpblackbelt.com or give us a call at (419) 872-7599 and we can tell you how to get started!

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