Sam’s Corner 18

Raylan 3

Pretty soon I’m going to be teaching the little blonde rascal to swim. It’s going to be super important she can do it well. It’s a big part of playing with daddy in the field, and it’s a big part of being a water dog!

She will probably be terrible at it to begin with, but I know she will be good eventually because I’m a good teacher. I’ve taught many dogs how to swim!

One important part of my teaching is to keep things fun. If I keep the water training fun, the blonde beast will want to keep doing it. If  she keeps doing it, eventually even the blonde terror can learn to swim.

Sometimes I see people try to train or teach others, but they don’t let anyone have fun! Even very serious students will eventually want to quit if a teacher doesn’t make some of the training fun.

That’s why I always like to watch Mr. Stanford’s class (instead of staying in the office with my daddy) he makes everything fun!  I also like to watch class because that’s where people will come in and pet me, that’s fun too. You should try it sometime!

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