Do You Have Fat Hands?

Years ago Mr. Stanford and I had a good laugh over a comedic iPhone tech support call (a fake one.) 

Among other things the customer service rep was telling the customer that their phone was not functioning well because he had fat hands. 

Truth be told though, with all sorts of tech products today, they make the buttons so small I feel like I DO have fat hands! I have a tablet with over 50 square inches of screen, and yet the “play” button is 1/2” square!

 I found a solution though. I finally found a pen that I like, that also has a stylus. 

Not only does the pen write well, the stylus takes the place of my fat hands. I liked it so much I had a bunch made for the academy. 

Do you have fat hands too? If so, stop by the school and tell an instructor “I have fat hands and need a new pen” and we’ll give you one to ease your technological suffering.

Oh and just for fun we’ll post the fake tech support call on our Facebook page April 1st (no, that’s not an April Fool’s joke!) so you can listen to it if you want. If you do listen to it you’ll understand why Mr. Stanford and I say “Happy Halloween” and “I love you” at odd moments.

Click Here for the Tech Support Call

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