Increase Your Online Security

By now most of us know to not access suspicious links embedded in emails from known and unknown sources, and we’re aware of the threats posed by public Wi-Fi networks. However, according to Eric Cole, a cybersecurity expert and author of Online Danger: How to Protect Yourself and Your Loved Ones From the Evil Side

Why I’m a Better Driver, but My Wife is a SAFER Driver.

So in the last 27 years or so of driving I’ve done a lot of drive training. I’ve done pursuit driving training, high speed driving (both of which I have done in “real life”) and I also have my motorcycle endorsement, for which I took a class to better understand things like cornering and traction.

National Police Week

May 14-20 is National Police Week. So that week we will be offering free training to police officers. Monday – Thursday during the 8:30 Krav Maga classes. The only affect it will have on regular student is that the Tuesday class that is normally a Level 2 and up class will be open to all

Lesson for May – Mr. Stanford

We want to help kids stay safe this summer and learn to protect themselves. Part of that is learning the ABCs of Safety! The ABC’s of Safety Avoid Dangerous Situations – The best way to keep yourself safe is being able to recognize dangerous situations and avoiding them all together. Be Calm & Breathe –