Lesson for May – Mr. Stanford

We want to help kids stay safe this summer and learn to protect themselves. Part of that is learning the ABCs of Safety!

The ABC's of Safety
Avoid Dangerous Situations - The best way to keep yourself safe is being able to recognize dangerous situations and avoiding them all together.

Be Calm & Breathe - If you do get caught in a bad situation, we need to calm ourselves down because it is hard to make good decisions when you are angry or scared. A great way to do that is by taking some time to think and take BIG, DEEP breaths.

Communicate with Confidence - Stand up tall, look the other person in the eye, and SPEAK UP! You can prevent being targeted for an attack by showing Confidence, and if you are confronted, speaking with confidence can help prevent a bad situation from getting worse.

Don't make the situation worse - If you find yourself in a bad situation, don't make it worse! If somebody says, "Hey I'm going to punch you in the face!" and your reply is, "Oh yeah!? Why don't you go ahead and try!" Well, you probably just make that situation a whole lot worse.

Stranger Danger: No, Go, Yell, Tell
If a child approached by a stranger, these are the steps they should follow. 

Remember, a stranger is anybody we do not know, and we need to be careful because they may try to trick a child to get closer to them. It could be by offering them something or asking for help, like looking for their lost dog or asking for directions. But when you think about it, if an adult needs needed help with something like that, why would they be asking a child? A child approached by a stranger should start off by shouting, "NO!" as loud as they can to communicate the unwanted interaction, and so anybody nearby can look to see what is going on. 

Then it's time to GO! That one is simple; just run away! 

As they are running, they should YELL! And not just screaming like a crazy person or even yelling "HELP," but yelling something so people nearby know what is going on. Running away and yelling "STRANGER!" is a great way to do that. 

It is also important to run to safety, and while running to their parents is the obvious choice, going to a group of people (especially if there are other kids there) is a safe option. 

The last step is to TELL the person what happened: "A stranger was talking to me!" "A stranger tried to grab me!" "A stranger wanted me to get in their car!" Then, their parents (or whoever is helping them) can report it to the authorities.

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