Why I’m a Better Driver, but My Wife is a SAFER Driver.

So in the last 27 years or so of driving I've done a lot of drive training. I've done pursuit driving training, high speed driving (both of which I have done in "real life") and I also have my motorcycle endorsement, for which I took a class to better understand things like cornering and traction.  I also grew up driving rust-bucket vehicles on icy, slushy, Michigan country roads, where I had to learn to deal with over-steering issues (and under-steering depending on the vehicle.) I can confidently say, I'm a better driver than my wife.

But I actually think my wife is a SAFER driver.

Here's why. She pays attention like no one I've ever seen behind the wheel. She watches everything related to her travelling on the road, and looks for how it might affect her and the vehicle she's driving.

Me on the other hand will carry on a conversation, eat a meal, and pick my nose while driving. Just kidding about that last statement, only 2 of those things are true (I won't tell you which ones though!)

What does that have to do with you? I'll give you a hint.

Last week my wife and I were driving from the park where we went for a walk, to the barn where she boards her horse, Quincy. About a mile from the park she tells me, "Ok, I don't want to alarm you, but that car behind us left the parking lot when we did, and it's made every turn with us."

There were about 5 miles of road, and 4 turns, so yeah that seemed interesting.

Then before I even suggested anything she said "I'm going to drive past the barn and circle the block." (A common tactic to see if someone is indeed following you in their vehicle.)

Before we got to the barn, the other vehicle turned off on a side road.

Here's the thing though, almost no one ever pays attention to that sort of thing. But she spotted it. That awareness that will keep you safe behind the wheel, is the same kind of awareness that can keep you safe when you're not driving.

Watch your environment and simply pay attention. You probably do it when you drive, you watch other traffic, you drive defensively, and you look for hazards. Don't turn off that observation when you're out of the vehicle.

Practice it! And you’ll find you and your family will be safer because of it.

		~Jon Penny

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