Bad Dog

A dog ran into a butcher shop and stole a prime cut of meat. The butcher caught up with the thieving pooch on the street and noticed that the dog was wearing a nice collar and tags. The butcher walked the dog back to its owner who just happened to be a lawyer with an office on a nearby street.

“Tell me something,” the butcher asked the lawyer. “If a dog steals a roast from my store, can I demand compensation from its owner?”

“Certainly,” the lawyer replied.

“In that case,” the butcher said, “you owe me $15. Your dog ate my best roast.”

“That’s only fair,” the attorney said as he wrote out a check to the butcher.

“Why, thank you!” The butcher was gleeful at having triumphed so effortlessly. He left the lawyer’s office and went back to his shop.

His mood quickly soured when the lawyer dropped off a letter for the butcher that evening. It contained an invoice for a $150 consultation fee.

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