Sam’s Corner 20

So I’m almost 63 years old. But I don’t let my age slow me down, and neither does Raylan!

This past holiday weekend, I did something for the first time. I went on a canoe ride! I have been in plenty of boats before, but never one so slow, wobbly, and close to the water! I had a great time. My Daddy had to keep telling me to sit down because I guess I was rocking the boat a lot, he seemed very nervous!

I was better than Raylan though, she jumped out of the boat! It was pretty funny when Daddy had to drag her out of the river like a soggy fish. She had never been in a boat before, and she didn’t always stay there long!

So this summer, what are you going to do for the first time? No matter how old you are, you should try it, it helps keep you feelings younger. (Which is especially important if you have to keep up with a little blonde chaos machine named Raylan.)

Raylan 4

Raylan and I also spent some time relaxing on the porch this weekend!

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