A Deal Is a Deal

Ronald made a deal with his dad that if he improved his grades by the end of the school year, pitched in around the house, attended church on Sunday with the rest of the family, and cut his now shoulder-length hair, he could have access to the car throughout the summer. 

Ronald began to focus on his schoolwork more, took on responsibility in the home, and was the first person in the house ready for church each Sunday.
“I knew you could do it,” his dad said as he looked over Ronald’s final grades for the school year. “I’m very proud of how responsible and focused you’ve been these last few months.” 

“Hand over those keys, old man,” Ronald said to his father with a laugh. 

“Not so fast,” his father said. “Remember our deal? Grades, church, chores, and hair.” 

“Do I really have to cut my hair?” Ronald protested. 

“That was our deal,” his father said. 

“Can’t you cut me some slack this one time? I’ve done everything else you wanted,” Ronald argued. “It took me so long to grow my hair out. Besides, Moses had long hair, and Samson had long hair, and even Jesus had long hair.” 

“Good point,” his father agreed. “They walked everywhere.”

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