Lincoln Settles a Problem

Abraham Lincoln ran a legal practice, but he never encouraged litigation that was unnecessary. One day, as Lincoln was working at his practice, a man entered the establishment in an impassioned state. He pleaded with Lincoln to bring suit against a man who was impoverished and in debt.

The man wanted to sue the debtor for $2.50. Lincoln tried to reason with the man, but he was set on getting his revenge. When Lincoln saw that he could not talk the man out of bringing the lawsuit against the debtor, he slyly asked for $10 in legal fees to head up the lawsuit. The man paid the money to Lincoln.

Lincoln then hunted down the debtor and gave him half of the legal fee. The debtor used part of the money to pay off the man who brought the lawsuit against him. In this way, the man who brought the suit was completely satisfied that justice had been done, the debtor got out of debt, and Lincoln probably had a good laugh about it all.

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