Sam’s Corner 21

As I start to get a little older,  I’m more interested in naps than I was before. I know dogs like to nap, but I used to be the one who always wanted to run around and meet people! Like the little blonde tornado does now.

Even though I’m older, I still need to stay active though. Not only is it good for me, it will be important when it’s time to chase birds in the fall! They run and sometimes swim pretty fast, I need to be healthy enough to catch them.

If you’re like me. Sometimes it’s hard to go be active when a nap seems so nice. That’s when it can be good to have a friend to be active with!

As much as she annoys me, my little sister Raylan does help keep me active. We wrestle, play chase, and in the hot months like now, we swim!

So find a buddy to be active with! You’ll feel better, you’ll have a good friend, and you’ll be ready to chase birds!


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