How to Avoid Tantrums during Family Travel

Travelling with children can be a lot of fun, but there is also a downside. No one wants to be on the road with a child who is having a temper tantrum, but happily there are ways to avoid letting children get to that point in the first place.

It is important to work out in advance where you are going to stop and eat while travelling. This gives a sense of a security and a schedule for kids while also giving them something to look forward to and to break up the journey.

It is a cliché but still an undeniable fact that one of the best ways to keep children from getting bored and unhappy on long journeys is to keep them entertained with games. Play I-Spy, count cars, or having a checklist of interesting sights to look out for can all make the ride more bearable for both the children and the adults.

Headphones are another great idea, allowing children to listen to their own favorite tunes during the journey and giving the adults freedom to listen to their own audio choices. 

Mr. Penny Note:
One family at the karate school years ago would havre their kids read a book out loud to the rest of the family. Granted, the kids were beyond the "tantrum" stage, but it still was a great family activity. And on top of that, the kids became EXCELLENT at reading out loud. (One so much so that his teacher would have him read everything out loud to the class instead of the teacher herself!)

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