Lessons for September – Mr. Stanford

In September, White, Yellow, and Orange Belts will be talking about Focus. Focus is one of the most important things we teach here at the academy (but don't worry if it seems to take some time for your child to "get it." Here are the lessons we're covering to help them improve their Focus. 

Focus is paying attention to ONE thing at a time. We like to talk about it at this time of year because Focus is extremely important for every student's favorite thing in the entire world...school! 

Focus is essential when learning new things and when mastering subjects. There are three rules that people should use when trying to focus.

1. Focus your Eyes: Look at what you are doing. Look at who is teaching you. Look at anybody who is talking to you. Bonus: look them in the eyes to show you are listening (which shows Respect!) and to show good Confidence.

2. Focus your Mind: Listen and pay attention to what you are doing or who is talking to you. Try not to let your mind wander or think about what you may be doing at some other time. Bonus: Whenever you are learning something, pretend you will have to TEACH it at some point to force you to really pay attention.

3. Focus your Body: Sit (or stand) up tall and stay STILL! Slouching and leaning causes you to relax and not pay attention. Same thing with moving and fidgeting around.

Purple Belts and Above will review Focus, then they will be talking about Responsibility, which means being able to take care of your duties and being held accountable for your actions. If you are responsible, others can depend on you and trust you. One of the hardest aspects of responsibility is accepting blame for when we make mistakes. We will be talking about the steps to take when that happens:

1. Admit to it: It can be hard to do, but people will have more respect for you if you can admit to your mistakes.

2. Apologize: This is the easy part. A simple, "I'm sorry" will do the trick.

3. Try to fix it: This takes work, but if the problem can be fixed, then do what you can (or ask what you can do) to fix it.

4. Follow through! Saying you're going to fix a mistake means nothing if you don't follow through. It also makes the other person trust you less and they feel like you're even less responsible if you don't.

5. Learn from the mistake: Don't let it happen again!

Leadership Students will continue their practice with public speaking. Right now, students are picking topics and talking about them in front of the group for at least one minute. 

The goal of this is to get students more comfortable with talking in front of people and learn the basics of giving a presentation by introducing it and describing it. 

Soon, we will help students become more comfortable and confident speakers by having them practice looking at their audience, standing still (not pacing around or fiddling around with their hands), and avoiding filler words like, uh...well...ummmmm.....you get the picture.

Do you want your child to learn Focus and Responsibility? Then visit us at www.jpblackbelt.com or give us a call at (419) 872-7599 and we can tell you how to get started!

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