Leadership Students and the Black Belt Stock Exchange

Leadership Students have just recently finished its financial module, and the results are in! 

In May, Leadership students created their own (fictional) savings account. Students then earned money by way of leadership teaching drills which they then deposited in their accounts. 

Through the summer Leadership students then invested their money in fictional stocks to learn about investing (you may have seen our little stock market in the corner of the training room.)  

Below are the results for both greatest Return On Investment (ROI) and most accurate bookkeeping.
Highest Return On Investment (ROI)
Ric Edinger		+ 500.0%
Kiana Allan		+ 373.6%
Zach Hudak		+ 346.0%
Abbie Santiago		+ 181.3%
Carrie Kurth		+ 142.1%

Best Bookkeeping (flawless # of transactions)
1. Jia Thakker			16
1. Hannah Davies		16
3. Ruhani Singh			14
4. Ethan Williamson		12
4. Ric Edinger			12
4. Zach Hudak			12

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