Sam’s Corner 22

I don’t like cats. It’s like a teddy bear mated with a cactus, and they’re a lot less fun to play with than they look.

But I know some of you like cats, so I have some tips for you if you decide to get one of those little hairballs.

One good tip to make your cat welcome is to make sure the house is cat-proof. I don’t know how to do that. The little stinkers are curious, climbing, annoying little fluffballs, and they can get into most anything. But I would start by keeping cleaning supplies, sharp objects, and wires where they can’t get to them.

A scratching post is also a good idea to stop the cat from scratching things that it should not, like furniture.

I would also make sure the little furry troublemakers get lots of exercise. Personally I help the neighbors exercise their cat “Buddy” by chasing him every chance I get. I like to play tag and think it’s fun, Buddy seems uncertain.


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