Saving the Grass and So Much More

When a Florida man collapsed while doing yard work, his wife called 911. First responders arrived within minutes to find Gene Work having a heart attack. He lapsed in and out of consciousness as they stabilized him and transported him to the hospital.

His wife, Melissa, was at his side during the ambulance ride. She was shocked that he kept fretting over the lawn each time he regained consciousness. He was worried the sod he wasn’t able to put down would die. Work was rushed into surgery, and thankfully his life was saved that day.

Yet Work’s pleas had not fallen on deaf ears. Though Melissa’s brother-in-law stayed behind to finish the lawn, he soon received help from the same firefighters who saved Gene Work’s life.

After delivering him to the hospital, members of the Pasco County Fire Department returned to Work’s home and finished laying his sod. “We believe in helping the community whenever we are needed …” read a post on the department’s Facebook page.

Little did they know that Work had been under increasing pressure to finish his lawn or face a hefty fine from his homeowners association. Nor were they aware of Melissa Work’s own health issues, adding to the family’s stress.

One thing we should all remember: Never let your problems consume your life because there are always good-hearted people, closer than you might realize, who are willing to help.

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