Where the Magic Is Hiding

A woman visited a fortuneteller to find out if her future would be successful, but instead of answering any of the questions, the fortuneteller gave the woman a box. She explained that it was a magic box that had the power to make dreams come true. 

She handed the woman a notepad and told the woman to write down three things she wanted and then place the paper in the box. She told her to take the box home and shake it three times each morning upon waking and three times in the evening before going to bed, making sure to repeat her wishes aloud each time. The fortuneteller also told the woman she’d have to return the box in one year.

A year later, the woman once again visited the fortuneteller. “I followed your instructions, and everything I hoped for came true,” the woman said. “This box really does hold powerful magic.”

“My dear, the magic is not in that box,” the fortune teller replied. “The magic is inside of you, reminding yourself of the things you wanted and helping awaken your determination to get them.”

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