Stay Safe on the Scariest Night of the Year


I know some think self-defense has to be some awesome and dangerous thing. But the truth is that everyday self-defense often involves just being careful. Here are some tips to help with that end.

Children and parents alike enjoy Halloween—the costumes, and the candy, and the chance to spend some time together. Just remember to keep your young trick-or-treaters safe as you go door to door. Here are some tricks for collecting treats without danger:

• Costumes. Whether you buy your child a costume or make one, be sure it will be highly visible to cars and passersby. Bright colors and reflective tape will help youngsters show up on the dark streets.

• Snacks. Serve your kids dinner or a healthy snack (and eat something yourself) before going out. Children will be less likely to gorge themselves on the candy they collect if they’re already full.

• Props. Masks are fun as long as they don’t interfere with children’s vision or obstruct their breathing when walking through the neighborhood. If their costumes include canes, toy swords, or any other sort of accessory, check that they’re not too difficult to carry while walking or crossing the street.

• Route. Decide on a clear and safe path through your neighborhood before you go out. Accompany small children, and discuss safety with older kids going out as a group. Give them flashlights and a cell phone, and carry those yourself.

• Inspection. Go through the bags before children eat anything, and get rid of any candy that looks suspicious. Don’t let kids consume too many goodies at once—ration the candy out over a few days or weeks, so they don’t make themselves sick.

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