Sam’s Corner #24



Winter is Coming

At least that’s what my daddy says.

I heard a lot of people get sick during the winter. But dogs know a secret that a lot of people don’t! Most people don’t get sick because they spend time out in the cold. In the winter many people get sick because they spend too much time locked inside their homes.

Germs get trapped inside the house too, and people spend a bunch of time breathing those bad germs in! Trust me I know, my nose is super sensitive and I can smell how stuffy most homes get in the winter.

Me, I like to be outside even in the cold. I run in the snow, chase birdies, and I even swim outside in the cold! You may have noticed that you have NEVER seen me with a cold or the flu.

Now you don’t need to freeze your tail off. And if you do get that cold it may be bad for you.  But you should put some layers on and go outside and breathe the fresh air, get active, and enjoy being outside a little bit.

So when winter comes, don’t lock yourself up in your house all season, get some warm clothes on and go outside!


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