Lesson for December – Mr. Stanford

Along with self-defense, confidence, focus, self-discipline and a myriad of other great “life skills” we teach here at the academy, December gives us a great opportunity to teach our students PATIENCE!


Since we have so many days off later in the month, higher belts would hardly have any time to talk about a different topic after the first week’s review, so all belts will be working on the same topic.

All Belts will be talking about Patience during the month of December. Patience is waiting for something without complaining or getting angry. It can be hard to wait for something, especially when there are so many things that are available to us as soon as we want it. There are times when we will have to wait in line, wait for others, wait to develop new skills, or wait for and exciting event or holiday coming up (for some reason I have “Jingle Bells” stuck in my head now.) In December we will be learning why it is important to be Patient and how to develop greater patience.

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